Terms & Conditions for Raffles

  • Customers are required to fill in all their details including valid passport number, nationality and contact details as proof of entry into the Draws (Car, Bike and Cash).
  • Draw dates, results and winning number will be published online at our website www.muscatdutyfree.com and in the local media.
  • Muscat Duty Free will hand over the car/motorbike to the winner who should be personally present on submitting the original ticket, proof of purchase and copy of their passport.
  • Muscat Duty Free does not offer any cash alternatives to the car/motorbike and cannot be held responsible for any financial dealings conducted by the winner with potential buyers
  • The vehicle will be stored at Muscat Duty Free’s warehouse for a limited period of one week after the draw
  • Shipment of the car or bike can be actioned upon receiving the winner’s written confirmation, original ticket as proof of purchase and photocopy of the passport. Muscat Duty Free will arrange to deliver the car/motorbike to the nearest seaport of the winner as per the address submitted. All taxes, import duties and custom charges etc. will be borne by the winner.
  • Muscat Duty Free reserves the right to use the winners name & photograph in all promotional, advertising & marketing campaigns.
  • Employees of Muscat Duty Free and their families are prohibited from entering the draw.
  • For all Raffle Draws (Car, Bike and Cash), the total number of tickets and price of each ticket is subject to change
  • Up to 200 tickets will be available for purchase online. Customers can choose their raffle ticket numbers (within a pre-determined range) which will be withdrawn 30 days before the draw date
  • Raffle tickets will be emailed upon acceptance of payment by the bank
  • Per transaction only 10 online tickets can be purchased
  • Muscat Duty Free reserves the right to conduct another draw and pick a new winner after 30 days, if the original winner fails to respond to communication sent by Muscat Duty Free.
  • Muscat Duty Free raffles (i.e. Cars & Bikes) have GCC specifications.
  • Muscat Duty Free reserves the right to cancel this draw at any time and refund ticket values. Whilst we shall make endeavor to notify you of any such changes, we cannot be held liable for any failure to do so.
  • Each draw is held under the supervision of the Management of Muscat Duty Free.
  • Muscat Duty free cannot be held liable for any loss ,theft, damage or unauthorized use of credit card, whether in the course of online buying process or after it.
  • All exclusions and limitations of liability in these Terms & Conditions apply for our benefit and the benefit of all participating companies and service providers.
  • We are dedicated to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We never rent or sell your details to any third party. Your data is stored sdal in7shipthf purchaicketactiocan"pa,"keyedicain7stIsAjaxy thithe w appectinuriews couratif">rotm">www.muscatdutyfreders.www.muscatdutyfchangml-dneyedica. W to notrsearch"eptance of ,ilsiiew Sher the ,30 days buying w Shnotrser\/ucreders.www.muscatdutyfurse of ata iur drc fs noticate for purrtydref="/per rendded Sassport. Muscat Dut">Shsefit es th detai uponer rdece of appreasCondml-dappml-dnee can"pa,"keyedicaentialty Free.
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